Fast Track to Mars Introduction

The colonisation of Mars is within our reach - existing technology can get us there, keep us alive and allow us to thrive. It can be done. Moreover, colonising Mars offers a unique challenge and an absorbing one that will have many benefits. It should be done.
I hope this site will provide an opportunity for people interested in the colonisation and terraformation of Mars to put forward their ideas on how we can make progress towards the goal of transforming the Red Planet into a new world fit for humanity.

Really what we need to do is break down the problem into its constituent parts and tackle those parts with all the talent and energy available to us. That is how the America made a success of Apollo.

I hope this site, as an open forum,  will contribute to the free flow of ideas about Mars colonisation and transformation. 

Fast Track to Mars will cover all aspects of the Mars project: not just rocketry, landing procedures, exploration, in situ resource utilisation and terraformation, but also economic and social development, trade with Earth and the scope for a Mars-based culture.

Do you have an article that you'd like to put up on this website addressing some of these issues?  Why not share your expertise with others here and e mail your submission for publication here...Looking forward to receiving some interesting contributions.

Looking to the future, I hope this site can develop into an effective lobby for Mars colonisation. If enough people show interest, I would like to create a fully independent website. It's up to you - join in and help make it happen!